After 2 Days

After I survived my second day in the big city. I always thought I don't like the city life but I really like it to be in London. ...

Here are the photos of the days'til now. The first two are of the flight on Sunday. Then are 4 images of the Boat trip we had on Monday afternoon. And the last three pictures were made while I went to the Apple store in London for buying new earphones, I forgot mine at home in Switzerland.

What were we doing?

On Monday we went to school, we had to be at school at nine o'clock. There we were introduced of the personal and got informations. We had a little presentation at ten and after this till one we hadn't had school. So we were free to explore the area around the school. 

Then we had a very interesting boat trip. I also get there more in touch with other students. So I used to use my English more and more. After the boat trip we go our time tables, then the day nearly was at the end. But it would be to nice if it had end that way. So I thought I should take the wrong train. 

Ok, that's a joke, I took the wrong train by mistake, but I could find my way back after this way around. Some English people helped me, English people are really friendly. 

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