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Memories and last review of London11

Some time is gone since my last post, but now I have the last review of my London trip.....

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First Week Review

A week of school, tours through London and other interesting things is ending now. 

Here some impressions how I've seen London. ...

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After 2 Days

After I survived my second day in the big city. I always thought I don't like the city life but I really like it to be in London. ...

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Just arrived

After a flight of 1h30min I arrived London. There I've had an transfer to my host family. The transfer from the Airport London Heathrow took nearly 3 hours. I still had dinner and now I'm checking my mails. 


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Winter Switzerland (Vals)

This winter is a pretty cold. Today we had minus 15 degrees Centigrade and colder. 

In the deeper regions we have through the winter often foggy days. Especially in January and parts of February. In the higher regions of Switzerland it is most time sunny.

For example in Vals: We got the most of our snow in early December and now we have nearly all days sunny days, sometimes it’s a little cloudy or maybe a little foggy, but not more then one or two days. On sunny days it’s just beautiful to go to a ski area and have fun with skiing or snowboarding. 

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Vals is a village in the south-east of Switzerland. It's got a population of around 1'000 people. It's around 1'250 meters above sea level.

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On Youtube you nearly find more than you believe. If you like to find new and also old songs, use Youtube. There are all styles. There are also lots of movies and series. Youtube get five stars for the HQ (High Quality) videos. The Quality of this videos is much better than these of other sites like Youtube. Here a HQ one. Enjoy!

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This is the first English blog on OVERFLY. Now I'll write sometimes a new blog. I hope you'll enjoy them. 

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